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Establish Your Own Customized Plan For Intentional Growth Through 1-on-1 Coaching with Ryan Bennett

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The Intentional Day Program
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  • The Intentional Day Program

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The Intentional Day Program

Six Week Program Where Ryan Bennett Personally Helps You Establish Your Specific Dream, Goals, And Disciplines To Help You Achieve The Life You Desire

Total Value: $5,495 $995

Great for Mastermind Groups, Businesses, or Teams

  • Receive Individualized Instruction From Ryan Bennett

  • Create Deep Proficiency In The Proven Method Of Intentional Growth

  • Share The Cost By Inviting Your Growth Partners, Team Members or Friends to Join You

  • Witness Real And Tangible Results In Just 6 Weeks

Just 1 Payment of $995 Today!


Week 1

Your Four Step Process for Intentional Growth

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Week 2

Establishing Your Dreams & Goals


Week 3

How to Create Your Own Daily Disciplines


Week 4, 5, & 6 

Your Week in Review

The Intentional Day Program Structure

Week 1: The Four Step Process for Intentional Growth

A 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett where you will be introduced to The Intentional Day, the neuroscience behind the method, and how the Intentional Growth Model™ and its application will apply to your life. You will walk away knowing how people grow and how this book and method will help guide your personal growth.

Week 2: Establishing your Dreams & Goals

In order to know where you want to go, you must pause and dream about the life you actually want to live. Knowing what you want and where you want to go will dramatically change your perspective and view of your goals. In fact, dreaming - or what psychologists call visualization - improves the neural connections in your brain to help begin the path to achieve those dreams. This important first step is a 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett to help expand your mind in a way that triggers your brain to start to create those neural connections you will need as you start to set goals and look towards long term and lasting growth.
Week 3: Creating Daily Disciplines

A 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett to create your Daily Disciplines. A Daily Discipline is a behavior or action that’s wired into our brain. It’s one we perform semi-automatically that propels us towards the person we desire to become. You will understand the power of establishing your own unique Daily Disciplines using The Intentional Day. You will leave the call with a customized game plan for your own growth and new Daily Disciplines based on your own dreams, commitments, and goals.

Week 4: The Intentional Week

A 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett where you share your wins, losses, and learnings from your Intentional Week with guidance from Ryan on how to tweak your Daily Disciplines for maximum effectiveness.

Week 5: Your Intentional Week

A 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett where you share your wins, losses, and learnings from your Intentional Week with guidance from Ryan on how to tweak your Daily Disciplines for maximum effectiveness.

Week 6: The Intentional Week & Celebration Day

A 60-minute Zoom call with Ryan Bennett where you share your wins, losses, and learnings from your Intentional Week with guidance from Ryan on how to tweak your Daily Disciplines for maximum effectiveness. You will also have the opportunity to share your biggest takeaways during the Intentional Day Program and you will walk away with a common framework and rhythm to continue to intentionally grow by yourself or with your Growth Partners.

About Ryan Bennett

I am a High-Performance Coach, Author, and Speaker who guides people to be more intentional in their lives, businesses, and teams through my proven method of intentional growth.


As a former ESPN Academic All-American, I decided to channel my competitiveness from baseball to business by founding a startup company in Silicon Valley. After a few years of iterations and modest growth, I became a statistic when I had to shut down the company.


As I reflected on that experience, I realized that in the same way I developed myself as an athlete–to be a high performer on the baseball field, I must apply that same method to become a high performer in business. Unfortunately, it took a failed business to figure that out. From that experience, I developed a formula for growth called the Intentional Growth Model™️.


Around that same time, I was asked to be a founding team member of a tech startup company again. I applied all that I learned from my previous experience to help make this company a success. Over 7 years, we intentionally built the company from just an idea into a successful, venture backed brand with Fortune 500 clients.


Taking what I learned about high-performance intentional growth, I wrote a book based upon the growth formula and now get to coach people on how to reach their full potential to teams, businesses, and people across the Country.


Why This Process Works

Most people aren’t achieving what they want to achieve in business and life, not because they don’t have goals, but because goal setting by itself doesn’t work. Only eight percent of people who set goals actually achieve them. So why do we keep seeing the same ‘SMART’ goals formula? It fails because we focus solely on the outcome. This program’s approach doesn’t focus on short term outcomes but on the neuroscience and psychology behind goals, habits, and growth development that produces long-lasting and powerful results

Mainstream culture touts the importance of education. It reveres Ivy League credentials and off the chart SAT scores. Grades, diplomas, and job offers are presumed indicators of growth and success. And yet, for myself and those I was speaking with — for all our Master’s degrees and partner-track careers — all that education had not led us to meaningful growth in our adult lives. We’d spent decades accumulating knowledge to pass tests, write papers and land jobs; but those outcomes were finite. Why did all that knowledge still leave us feeling stagnant?
What I came to understand is that knowledge contained in a vacuum is powerless, and knowledge by itself is not a direct corollary to growth. Knowledge gains its power when paired with purposeful action (discipline), and it’s the pairing of knowledge with discipline that ultimately leads to growth. To look at it on paper, it’s a simple formula: Knowledge + Discipline = Growth. But it’s a little like chemistry, where combining two basic elements can lead to a potent and powerful result.

This formula is what I call the Intentional Growth Model:

Knowledge + Discipline = Growth™

Take The First Step To Changing Your Life

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